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  • Saturday, June 29

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  • Saturday, Dec 7


***Guest Tickets available for all others. $75 per person

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What is the POP Online Community?

GIRLFRIENDS POP! is a special space created to receive and enjoy:

  • PERSONAL TESTIMONIES AND TEACHINGS GOD GAVE to live and share from multiple curriculums taught by the Holy Spirit on IDENTITY, INTIMACY, IMMERSION, and INTEGRITY in the things of God. These are transformational Breakthroughs God gave me, Dr. Merle Ray, to live and share with you and others.
  • PRIVATE INNER CIRCLE CONVERSATIONS with Dr. Merle Ray and GIRLFRIENDS all over the globe.
  • POWER OF GOD EXPERIENCES to do great and mighty exploits in Jesus Name by the power of the Holy Spirit that others may believe and be set free to the Glory of God Our Father.
  • ABIDING PRESENCE OF GOD so richly upon us and our lives together that we are filled to the fullest so that we lack nothing in love nor any good thing we need and desire for life and godliness, even as we pour out to each other, and those God sends our way. Underneath all we do, the Abiding Presence of God is what the Private Online Community of GIRLFRIENDS POP! is all about.


What we do in Online Community

In GIRLFRIENDS POP! we bear secretly as God grants us the Ministry of the Spirit of learning godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in private. Led by the Holy Spirit at the appointed time we birth out loud destined to bring Books, Brands, Businesses, and Breakthroughs into the world that are both Spiritual and Physical. Anyone can participate and there are at least (3) ways shown below of how you can do so. You are encouraged to choose at least one way to participate.

Ways to Participate

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Released in October 2023, the free GIRLFRIENDS POP! APP has been updated and packed with dozens of tools, coaching questions, calendars, business planners, book-writing tools and more for Birthing your Books, Brands, Businesses, and Breakthroughs every year. Donations are not required to use the App but are welcomed and hugely appreciated so that we can spread the love to Girlfriends all over the world! SATURDAY BRUNCHES ARE $75 at this level.


Glean and learn at your convenience online 24/7 with the multiple published curriculums I have placed in the Online Community where we grow, share, and prosper together.  A small nominal fee of $49 is requested via monthly subscription for this service. With your subscription at this level, you get invited to the Quarterly Saturday Brunch gatherings for FREE!🎁 This is where we encounter God together and will experience Breakthroughs together! Everyone in this Private Community Curriculum will have all-year access to yield to God as you work on yourself through the Curriculums for both REALWomanhood and Pregnant on Purpose year-round. Plus get rewarded with Free GIRLFRIENDS SIGNATURE Gift 🎁. I do these curriculums myself every year and learn something new about God through them as He continues to expand and enlarge territories in which God has inspired us to engage Him. It has been placed on my heart to do them in community with YOU! Click this link to Join  Brunch Schedule FREE🎁at this level by becoming a member of the ONLINE COMMUNITY CURRICULUM.


For those who want to dig deeper by holding ourselves accountable for our personal, professional, and spiritual growth, we share the transformation experience with accountability in our Live Monthly Group Coaching Sessions via video conference once a month. In this group, you receive everything in the first two groups plus a live scheduled group conference call consisting of monthly check-ups, deeper dives, discussions, and accountability for movement and growth. This power-filled transforming experience opens us up for more definite encounters with God where we gain clarity, become strengthened and empowered to get the job done. HEARING + DOING to experience the BLESSING. This program requires enrollment in advance with a nominal monthly investment into your development year-round to provide a totally transforming experience! Click  to enroll in LIVE MONTHLY COACHING GROUP and you’ll receive the link to sign up or get more info. Remember, FREE SATURDAY BRUNCHES🎁FOR YOU at this level! Plus, you get:

  • FREE Girlfriends POP! Cruise🎁
  • FREE Girlfriends POP! Crocs🎁
  • FREE Girlfriends POP! Sign-On Gift 🎁


All these investments in our destiny and current development are phenomenal!

Interested in hearing more?

We will be providing demonstrations and examples of these different opportunities at the next upcoming Saturday Brilliance Breakthrough Brunch.” Come and Enjoy the Fun!

In Love,

Dr. Merle Ray, 

The Brilliance Coach

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