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Designed to Help You Birth Your Books, Brands, Businesses, and Breakthroughs.


GIRLFRIENDS POP is the first of its kind that takes you to and through the entire process from intimacy with God to conception to labor and delivery to get you pregnant on purpose! What do I mean by that?


Girlfriends Pregnant on Purpose speaks into your life the fulfillment of the promises of God  and then walks you into them showing you how to welcome the visitation of the Holy Spirit which makes you pregnant. Just like He visited Mary, Holy Spirit wants to visit with you! You will have dreams and visions from God that fulfill your purpose and the Holy Spirit takes you into birthing that which God has placed inside of you. This intimacy is what makes GIRLFRIENDS POP App so different from other apps and tools on the market.

This is what we do and what makes the books and messages that we share with you so special.




It is the very plan, purpose, and power of God that draws us in closer to Him. Like everything, God does not force divine interactions on us. They come through being drawn into deeper relationships with God. His love, His Truth, and His Kingdom are what intimacy is all about.


GIRLFRIENDS POP APP helps you to discover that secret by going from identity to conception to delivery of birthing your God-given Brilliance.

Hi, I’m Dr. Merle Ray, CEO of

I created this APP because the Word of God says, 

“Those who entwine their hearts with God will experience divine strength.” (Isaiah 40:31 TPT) 

And I want to help women experience divine strength. Why do we as people of God call for assistance from God in our personal, professional, or spiritual lives only when we are facing crisis, in trouble, or down and out? 

There’s a better way to live and know God, to know what our salvation means for us, what it brings us. The Bible refers to “drawing from the deep wells of His salvation.” You see, what Jesus does for us means so much more than just waiting to go to heaven. Your eternity has already begun! Regardless of what you are going through today whether good or bad, you have divine appointments with God that you can tap into right now when you become intimate with God.


I could find no other app on the market that not only gives you the Word of God, but also helps you to apply it to your daily life through intimacy with God, and then fully deliver the manifestation of that Word by showing you how to get pregnant with change on purpose which I refer to as godly transformation. The  GIRLFRIENDS POP APP walks you through the entire PREGNANT ON PURPOSE process and then leads you into action to do that which helps you to experience godly transformation. I’ve invited you to join the process in my latest book, PREGNANT ON PURPOSE: Birthing Your God-given Brilliance which you can get right here (click to get on Amazon) or anywhere books are sold online. The book is an accompaniment to the App updated every year.  Godly Transformation is a repeatable process for those who want to experience what it’s like to “entwine their hearts with God and receive divine strength” not just through one situation or circumstance but as a way of life.  


So, yes, GO AHEAD and get the APP!


We’re offering it FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  

*All Offers Subject to Change at any time without notice. Terms and Conditions include change or cancellation at any time and you must purchase the POP latest edition book as the Book is an accompaniment to the App. Live Coaching is not included unless you purchased a separate agreement for live coaching or you have purchased the book at the regular price as shown on Amazon which comes with one free coaching session.