Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pregnant on Purpose?

A 9-month coaching program to help women and couples who want to birth their Books, Brands, Businesses, and Breakthroughs!

Who is Dr. Merle Ray?

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What’s the difference between Pregnant on Purpose and Girlfriends Pregnant on Purpose Weekends?


Pregnant on Purpose

  • Dr. Merle Ray’s work with individual women or couples wanting to birth their own Books, Brands, Businesses, and Breakthroughs. 

Girlfriends Pregnant on Purpose

  • Peer coaching network for Girlfriends and their Girlfriends who want to connect for “growth-centered relationships” working with Dr. Merle Ray.

How do I get started if I’m working with a small budget?


What is Girlfriends POP Weekends?

How can I participate in Pregnant on Purpose?


What are the various benefits?

Multiple plans, benefits, and features of working with Dr. Merle Ray:



How can I find out more?

Give us your email on our website and we’ll reach out to you! Be sure to watch the video and browse the entire site to get all our exciting connection opportunities at: